Our Application Process

In order to be able to maintain our high standards, we need to ensure that all dogs have an excellent level of general obedience and no behavioural issues at all.   


Our own assessments, which are held in Bristol, test both the dogs and the relationships with their handlers and you will be provided with the criteria for each level as you pass the one before.  In addition to these, you need to provide a letter from your doctor stating your disability and the fact that they consider that a dog would support you within  your condition, and a letter from your vet to state that your dog is fit and healthy and suitable to be an assistance dog.  As part of your last assessment, your dog must also be able to demonstrate 3 tasks that mitigate your condition.  Please see the 'application process criteria' link below for more detail.

We aim to hold 2 induction assessments each year, in the Bristol area, and you must therefore be able to travel in order to take part.  The hall is wheelchair accessible and there is also a cafe where you can obtain refreshments.  These assessments are done in small groups with some parts being done individually.  There are normally 3 assessors present but it is a relatively informal affair as we wouldn't want to intimidate anyone or increase any anxiety.  The induction assessment costs £50 to cover the cost of the hall and expenses of our assessors.  


We do not accept any children aged under 8 years

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